Selena GomezHe doesn’t even have the time to hate anyone.

Following reading an anonymous comment posted on TikTok by a user from social media, the 29-year old singer laughed and clapped. 

According to a screenshotThis was shared by a fan. A commenter after viewing one of her videos, said the following: “What is going on? It looks like she is going downhill, but all of the commenters are cheering her up.

Gomez did not waste time and responded quickly. She replied “Pretty certain I’m doing much better than ever”, but she did not hesitate to add, “but thank you for pretending that care!”

It’s not the first time that the “Rare” artist sent an email to her critics. Gomez talked about body-shaming comments in a TikTok Stories video from April 10.

So I tried to slim down, but instead I went to Jack in the Box, and bought four tacos. Three egg rolls. Onion rings. A spicy chicken sandwich. My weight doesn’t matter to me. People just make fun of it. “You are too large. ‘That doesn’t fit.’ “Meh, meh, meh.

These trolls were then reminded by her, “Bitch! I’m perfect just the way I am!” Enjoy TygaShe sang “Rack City” as the background music, and also sang “I’m an amuthafkin’ star lyrics.”