Zac EfronAlthough he is tidy, he can also get his hands dirty.

A new look at Apple Original, the film that will be released in September. Greatest Beer Run EverZac is seen sporting a rough look. Zac is seen with a large mustache and a plaid button-up shirt. He also has dirt covering his skin and body.

Apple Original Films claims that the movie will be released in 2022. The dramedy, starring Zac Efron and Peter Farrelly is directed by Farrelly. Russell CroweBased on true events John “Chickie” DonohueIn 1968, he left New York to go to Vietnam with some of his friends from childhood who were serving in the Army.

Although the look may not be his, it is still a very different one from his. High School MusicalZac seems to have found his latest creative design in getting dirt on his sleeves these days.

He took to Instagram on Jan. 31 to celebrate another project. Gold. According to the website of the film, this rugged thriller premieres March 11. It centers on Zac and two wanderers. Anthony HayesAs they discover the biggest gold nugget in the desert, he also directs.