Ranch rage. 

Austin Gunn Hana GiraldoThe heat continues in the couple’s love story on tonight’s episode of Tonight. Ranch Rules are Relatively Popular, but based on this sneak peek clip, not all of their fellow ranchers are happy for them.

After a long day of steamy hot springs dating, both the men arrive at the group dinner, but are met with awkward silence. 

Austin, confused says “It’s so silent in here.” “What is the deal?”

Redmond ParkerHe responds to his star, saying, “I just happy to see that you are so happy.” To be honest, it’s not something I care about right now.

Redmond admits this and then opens up to confession. 

He tells us that his parents weren’t the most communicative growing up. Relatively well-known cameras. “I found myself in the middle of it all. At a young age my dad taught me that if you have a problem, fix it. It can be fixed right away.