You’ve been missing College Girls’ Sex LivesThe new Peacock series is here for you.

Inspire by the memoir with the same title Dolly AldertonAll I know About Love—which premieres August 25—follows a group of four friends as they encounter bad dates, heartaches and humiliations in 2012-set London.

It centers on childhood friends Maggie (and her father)Emma AppletonBirdy (Bel PowleyThey move in with Nell, their college or university friends.Marli SiuAmara (Aliyah Odoffin). But the pair’s relationship is put to the test after Birdy gets a boyfriend, posing the question: What happens when you no longer are the most important person in your best friend’s life?

Birdy informs Maggie that nothing will be the same in the trailer. Maggie responds “That’s only what people say when everything is changing.”

Alderton and stars created the seven-episode series, wrote it, and executive produced it. Connor Finch, Jordan Peters  Ryan Brown.