You’re ready to put on your black belt and get dressed up again.

Cobra Kai is kicking back into action for a thrilling season four, which returns to Netflix on Dec. 31.

On Thursday, Dec. 9, Netflix released the first trailer for the Emmy-nominated series—and all is not right in the Valley. The new footage shows the Miyagi-Do and Eagle Fang dojos joining forces to take out Cobra Kai at the All Valley Under 18 Karate Tournament. There are huge stakes and the losing team must go home. 

We need to get rid of KreeseMartin KoveThis is it. This is possible only if DanielRalph MacchioJohnny (William Zabka) bury their decades–long rivalry to defeat their one true enemy.

Johnny informs his team that they must take it to the next level. He leads them up to the building’s edge and then makes them stare down with terror. “Eagles do not respond. They simply swoop down to grab what they desire. You must first learn to fly.