She said, “I enjoy hearing their stories-from life sentences to life now.” They are so proud of me and I can’t wait for them to go hiking more! 

She also shared a touching selfie of herself with her morning exercise attendees, and wrote down all their names in a separate posting. 

Kim is a strong advocate for criminal justice reform her whole life. In 2018 and 2019, she visited the White House to discuss the topic with then-President Donald Trump.  

Kim stated that Kim believed that her work in criminal justice was her true calling, and that it would be difficult to say no at the TCA Winter Press Tour in January 2020. 

Kim answered the question, “I was never shocked at how much work I was doing.”

At the event, she said that “I’m sometimes” She said, “But it shows my children how motivated I am whenever I go to prison. Or, you know? I explained why I was going and what they should do and they understood.” 

You can tell that they are already motivated by their moms to help make a difference!