Russian dollThis is the best time to be a tourist.

Trailer for season 2 released April 7, Natasha LyonneNadia is now faced with a new problem, time travel. Nadia finds that she can travel back in time by taking a ride on the subway 77th Street, which is a secret portal. As Nadia says in a voiceover, “The universe finally found something worse than death.”

Alan, just like in season 1, is (Charlie Barnett) is seemingly the one person able to understand Nadia’s dilemma since he’s going through the same exact issue. Nadia feels that the opportunity has been granted because they are still working on their “unfinished business.”

Netflix’s series description adds that season two will find the pair “delving deeper into their pasts,” adding, “At first they experience this as an ever-expanding, era-spanning, intergenerational adventure, but they soon discover this extraordinary event might be more than they bargained for and, together, must search for a way out.”