HalseyA very special artist tattooed ink for the partner. 

The “Bad at Love” singer posted their latest piece of art, which they tatted on partner Alev Aydin, to their Instagram Story on March 15.

“@zoneaydin took the risk to get a tattoo done by me. [laughing emoji],” they wrote in the post. They dedicated the post to Pisces Season [heart and fish emojis].” 

The tattoo appears to be a koi fish swimming over his chest. To show off the size of the tattoo, Halsey placed a quarter next to the fresh ink. He got the tattoo during pisces season which is February 19-20.

Alev posted the new tattoo on his Instagram as well, with the caption, “Sat For @iamhalsey’s First Tattoo, And Wow!”

Alev recently took a photograph that Halsey shared behind-the-scenes. Halsey is seated on top of the bed wearing a lace bodysuit, while Alev leans toward Alev with a camera in his hand.