Marcel the Shell with ShoesIs there any way to recruit? 60 Minutes‘ Lesley Stahl in a search for his family.

In a trailer released April 5, the tiny fella—who the world first met in 2010—reveals that he’s decided to look for his mother and father, who he hasn’t seen in a long time. Marcel (played): Jenny SlateIt’s him and Grandma Connie (along with their pet Lint, Alan). Reveals production company, A24. “Once part in a vast community of shells. They now live alone as survivors of a strange tragedy.”

Marcel shared that “it’s common knowledge it takes at minimum 20 shells for a community to exist,” and that they lost one member of their clan when his cousin fell asleep in the pant pocket. 

And Grandma Connie, played by Isabella Rossellini, fully encourages Marcel’s quest: “Let’s forget about being afraid,” she says. Just enjoy the adventure.