See the Captivating New Teaser for Stranger Things Season 4

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It was done! Netflix released another teaser trailer for the fourth season. Stranger Things

On Saturday, NovYou can. 6, the streamer took to social media to celebrate all things Stranger Things. Why? Well, for those who need a refresher, Nov. 6, 1983 is the date when Will Byers (Noah SchnappSeason one: ‘() was missing. The disappearance of ) led to a series of amazing adventures, and incredible couples. Shout out MikeFinn Wolfhard) and Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown

Netflix knows that we are willing to give up many eggso waffles in order to get the fourth season. The streaming company delivered, and they released a teaser video that gives hints about what the future holds.

The new footage, like the teaser that featured Creel House in the past, highlighted the fact that Season 4 will be exploring new locations. The upcoming season, in particular, will explore new locales. Stranger ThingsCalifornia’s golden state is a must-see for viewers.