Olivia ColmanThe new role of ‘The Killer’ is literally a killer.

The Emmy-Award winning actress has returned to TV in an all-new HBO limited series, but this time, there’s no crown involved. Colman is starring in Landscapers, a love-story-turned-true crime terror tale based on real events set in Nottingham, England, alongside Emmy nominee David Thewlis. The series’ four-episode episodes were directed by Will SharpeColman will executive produce the show. It will premiere on December 9.

LandscapersFollow these steps ChrisAnd Susan Edwards(Thewlis & Colman, respectively), A couple who may appear ordinary but to the surprise of the public, may have some skeletons inside their closets or in their backyard.

When two dead bodies are discovered in a garden, Chris and Susan become the focus of a murder investigation. This couple seems to have “royally” misjudged up. (Will we ever cease making puns about Colman’s tenure as? Queen Elizabeth II? (No, we won’t.)