Are you able to hear the noise? This is the sound of applause. 

Hulu has released the first glimpse at the much-anticipated series Pam & TommyIt’s certain that the show will be a huge success on Wednesday, November 17.

Start the teaser with a two-minute video. Seth Rogen and Nick Offerman in full ’90s regalia as they watch the sex tape that was stolen from Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee. Then, there’s a flicker of scenes that show Pam Tommy, respectively played by Lily James and Sebastian Stan, in all Their glory, with the couple happily frolicking in the ocean one moment And having raucous sex in another.

And then, just as suddenly, Pam and Tommy are dealing with the fallout of their sex tape being leaked just as the trailer ends, leaving fans on the edge of their seats.

Since December 2020, the limited series was in development. When the actors were first photographed being the legendary couple, it set off a frenzy. Even Seth was impressed by the appearance of the lead actors, writing on Twitter“My co-stars Sebastian and Lily are cooler than me,”