Bradshaws are sure that babies are on their minds. 

During a sneak peek at CelebHomes’s The Bradshaw BunchTomorrow, Wednesday, December 29th, at 9:59 p.m. Lacey Openly discusses her plans to act as a surrogate in the name of her sister-in–law. 

Lacey shares that Noah’s sister was suffering from fertility problems, so Lacey offered to act as her surrogate. But nature had other ideas.”

It didn’t work out and Lacey now reflects back on four months of embryo transfer. She explains that “we always knew it wasn’t going to work”, but she wanted to help them. 

Lacey is married Noah She adds: “Even if it didn’t work out, I was still extraordinarily, incredibly kind.” 

As fans watched, the Bradshaw sisters shared their reproductive stories. Rachel freeze her eggs earlier this season, and Erin Announced her pregnancy. 

Now, girl dad Terry Bradshaw is commending stepdaughter Lacey for her altruism, calling her offer to be a surrogate “one of the most beautiful things anyone could do.”