It Ranch Rules: Relatively famousCast will not waste any time in getting to know the other.

Take a peek at the sneak peak clip from tonight’s premiere. The free flowing drinks have inspired them. Harry James ThorntonEntertainment is what she chooses Taylor “Tay” HasselhoffAnd Hana GiraldoAsks a few questions to find out what he enjoys about the house. 

“I believe the most like me” EbieAnd Jasmine [Lawrence]Harry agreed. Harry replied, “They both seem to have anxiety. I believe I also have it.” 

Tay asked Harry questions about his feelings for Tay. Harry replied, “I like you,” and then asked Harry whether he liked her. 

But before Harry can answer, Tay adds, “I know who it is. Austin [Gunn].”

Harry laughs and replies, “I wouldn’t say that I don’t like him,”

However, he’s still not quite out of the limelight yet. Tay says that “I felt like” when Tay first met him.