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Valentine’s Day will be even more special this year Tarek and Heather El Moussa.

Not only are the newlyweds celebrating the holiday for the first time as husbandAnd wife, but the pair is also recognizing just how special their love story is.

Heather revealed that “I met my soulmate,” she shared with CelebHomes News. “We work hard to find them but then everything happens. I believe in love and soulmates, so I have not given up.

The couple has been keeping their plans secret, but they are open to sharing them with the world. Flip or FlopStar and The Sunset SellingAgent shared some thoughtful gift ideas for couple still searching for the perfect present. 

Heather said, “Listen to your partner’s wishes.” It should be personalized for your partner and reflect what you love. Send a personal note. Send flowers to her Flowers make us laugh.