There is no one who can be trusted. Taika Waititi‘s trolling—not even his girlfriend, Rita Ora.  

31-year-old singer of “I Will Never Let You Down”, posted an assortment of photos from the beach on Instagram, April 19. 

Rita is seen wearing a black bikini and rubbing black sand on her body before lying down. Rita captioned her set with “Stay Hydrated and Exfoliate Kids.”

Enter Taika. After reading her caption, you will be able to enter Taika. Jojo RabbitThe 46-year-old director jumped in to the comments section and poke fun at his girlfriend for her grammatical errors, writing “You shouldn’t exfoliate your kids!” You are so important! 

Although Rita is yet to publicly respond to the teasing of her boyfriend, she has likely become accustomed to Taika’s cheeky sense humor. The woman she is with The Shadows: What Do We Do? writer-director first sparked dating rumors in April 2021.

In May of the same year, the couple made headlines when they were pictured kissing and cuddling with actress Tessa Thompson, who Taika directed in the 2017 Marvel film Thor: RagnarokThe future and what’s next Thor: Love and Thunder