The Granddaughter Saves the Day! 

Kylie Jenner‘s 3-year-old daughter, Stormi WebsterProfessionally and expertly supported Kris Jenner dodge a question during a televised New Year’s Eve celebration on Friday, Dec. 31. 

During CNN’s countdown to 2022, Andy Cohen Kris was available to answer questions. Kim Kardashian‘s new romance with Saturday Night LiveStar Pete DavidsonHowever, the lips of the mother were not sealed.

Kris was Zooming in from home and said that everyone is discussing Kim’s relationship with Pete Davidson. Have you ever had the opportunity to meet them in person? “How do they get along as a couple?” 

Co-hosting Anderson Cooper remarked about Andy’s “digging,” Kris responded, “I know, he’s always digging.” 

Stormi suddenly popped into my frame. “Little Stormi. Kris said to her granddaughter, “Thank you Stormi.” You sit here. 

Stormi was greeted by Andy and Anderson, who waved hello to Kris. Kris replied, “Nice distraction.” Stormi, you are so timing! Perfect! Perfect! The segment ended without her weighing in on Kim and Pete’s love life.