It’s time to play a game.
Steph Curry recently celebrated his and Ayesha Curry“The oldest daughter” of the father. Riley Curry, turning 10 years old—and in her honor, the NBA star shared a sweet tribute dedicated to the special occasion. In an Instagram snap, he wrote “July 19, 2012″ It has been a wonderful 10 years of watching you grow up. Now- stop growing up so fast please….We love you.”

As a tribute to an incredible moment in history, Golden State Warriors star, said: “Wayyyyyyup, she feels blessed!”
For those who aren’t familiar with Riley’s story, she was just two years old when she stole the show at her father’s 2015 post-game press conference. While Steph answered questions that were all about the game, little Riley (who was seated at the table) clearly had other things in mind—which included her singing her rendition of Drake Big Sean‘s song, “Blessings.”
You can hear the most adorable “wayyyyyyy high, I feel blessed!” notes all over the globe.