Selena GomezIt is so annoying that people are constantly commenting on her body.

On April 10, the 29-year old singer spoke out on TikTok Stories about her judgments regarding her looks.

So I tried to slim down, but instead I went to Jack in the Box, where I bought four tacos as well as three eggs rolls and onion rings. Also, I had a spicy chicken sandwich. My weight doesn’t matter to me. People just make fun of it. “You are too large. ‘That doesn’t fit.’ “Meh meh myh meh.”

Gomez sent an email to the body-shamers. She noted, “Bitch! I’m perfect just the way I am.” What is the moral of this story? Bye.”

Grammy nominated singer also performed TygaThe background song was “Rack City”, and he mouthed the lyrics “I’m the muthaf-kin” star.

Gomez speaks out about past body shaming. A 2019 episode of Giving back GenerationsFor instance, “Wolves’ star, “Wolves”, spoke out about the comments she received on her weight during her battle with cancer.

At the time, she stated that “I have Lupus” and was dealing with kidney disease and high blood pressure. That’s where I noticed the changes in my body and started paying attention to it.