Sebastian StanThis is a special occasion!

The following Friday, March 4th: Falcon and Winter Soldier actor, 39, celebrated the release of his new horror film All New You can watch his original audition tape at Hulu.  

Filmed in October 2020, the minute-long clip sees Sebastian happily grooving in his kitchen to Womack & WomackBefore he abruptly grabs a large knife from the kitchen and starts to swing it with his dancing moves, he was singing 1988’s “Teardrops”. The full video can be viewed here. 

“Sent this message to [film director Mimi Cave]”After our meeting”, he captioned video and thanked Cave for producing it. Kevin Messick and Adam McKay,And Legendary Pictures vice chairman Mary Parent for “trusting me and taking the chance.”  

In the film, Sebastian plays a ‘80s music-loving character named Steve The main character forms a sweet and loving relationship with him. NoaIllustration by Daisy Edgar-JonesIn a supermarket.