This feud was not something we expected.

Unexpected fighting breaks out among the two Dolores CataniaAnd Jackie GoldschneiderEnjoy this sneak peak at the Feb. 15th episode of Tonight’s TV Show. The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

The Bravo co-stars are still dealing with the fallout after Margaret Josephs revealedJennifer Aydin“Sir” is her husband BillShe was cheated upon and it appears that she is the one to blame RHONJLadies are choosing alliances.

Jackie! You’re asking me questions about my friendship with Jennifer!” Dolores questions in the preview.

Jackie replies, “I’m saying that Margaret is your friend first.”

Dolores says, “I’m both their friend and that’s your place to not say.”

Jackie replied, “It’s my place because Jennifer is in it right now,” and she said that she was “making sure Jennifer’s surrounded with people who truly have her back. I don’t believe you feel like I’ve got your back.”

Dolores jokes that “You’ve been mean to her since she walked on the f-king scene.”