William said, “I’m amazed at how my children have inherited my love for music,” during an Apple episode. It’s time to walk last December. There is a lot of fighting between George and Charlotte over which song to play in the morning. Now, I need to prioritize the fact that someone might do this song one day and someone else will play it another. George got his go and Charlotte got hers. This is how the music is sounded.

While Kate, 40, may be open to having more kids—telling reporters she was feeling “very broody” during a visit to Copenhagen’s Children’s Museum in February—William seems to be satisfied with being a family of five. He joked that he was concerned when Kate had a baby girl while they were visiting Clitheroe Community Hospital in February. People“Don’t give my wife more ideas!” “No more!” 

The duchess gave the baby to her family when she handed it back. the future king teased“Don’t take her along.”