Mom Julie chimes in: “We thought it was gonna be an institution, a building, a commercial building.” EJ only hopes there are more birds than one or two.

Nikki loves birds more than her skepticalism about the sanctuary at home, so she and her group choose to keep going. Luckily, a pleasant surprise awaits as the group meets sanctuary directors KarenAnd RichardAt the front door.

Richard informs them that they get a lot of calls from people wanting to turn in their birds. Richard says, “And I have no choice but to tell you no. That kills me.”

Karen said that there are over 60 birds living in two rooms. She also has 44 total.

Nikki admits that she is excited to gaze at tiny birds, play with them and take photos. My soul is very much a childlike place because of the birds.

And with that, they fly into one of the sanctuary’s rooms to hang out with some feathered friends.

You can see the complete clip by clicking here.

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