Bravo is a passion of Hollywood’s most famous stars as well as all the rest.

At the red carpet Kathy HiltonMenoLabs Exclusive Real Housewives of Beverly HillsFilming on July 20, Actors, couple Melanie LynskeyAnd Jason RitterCelebHomes News exclusive: CelebHomes News’s fans gushed over their love of the reality series Daily Pop.

Melanie said, “I’ve been a fan since the beginning.” I started to watch it since the very first season. Then, eventually, it became the Yellowjackets star got her husband—whom she married in 2020—in on the Bravo action, and he has been hooked ever since.

“I’m definitely not like one of those like, ‘My wife watches it…'” Ritter joked. It’s nighttime! We gotta see it.’ It’s something I really enjoy.”

Ritter is a huge fan of drama so he did tell Daily PopI like to see a bunch of friends who are like a blob of hurt emotions and coming back together, forgiveness and all the rest.