From twin flames to twinning on the red carpet. 

Megan FoxAnd Kelly Machine Gun wore coordinating ensembles at the world premiere of their new movie A Good Mourning in West Hollywood, Calif. on May 12. The actress, 35, donned a shimmery light pink column dress by Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini and Andrea Wazen heels while the musician, 32, sported a hot pink rose-covered suit by Dolce & Gabbana.

In addition to acting in the film—which also features Dove CameronPete DavidsonWhitney CummingsZach VillaGaTa and more stars—Machine Gun Kelly wrote and directed it along with Mod Sun.

Film follows London Clash, an actor (MGK), who awakes to a message from Apple.Becky GIt makes him question if a split is imminent. As if this weren’t enough, he also receives the message the day before he is supposed to meet someone who could alter his career’s trajectory. Things don’t get much better as London’s friends get involved and he tries to decipher the meaning behind the text while feeling the pressure to land a major role.