Lorenzo “handles some business”, and Monet doesn’t like it. 

CelebHomes News has a sneak peak at Episode Seven of Season 7. Power Book II: Ghost Season two, Although the Tejada clan is back together, it’s not an happy reunion. MonetMary J. BligeShe feels like her husband Lorenzo is (Berto ColonDru is their son.Lovell Adams-Gray) in danger. 

Monet questions the couple when they return home at night. “Y’all have forgotten about dinner?”

“Sorry Mo,” Lorenzo replies. “We needed to deal with some business.” The clip ends with Lorenzo asking Dru to come upstairs, before his parents discuss their whereabouts.

“Why am I feeling like your son is at danger tonight?” Monet’s husband asks. Monet responds, “He’s also my son and you have to stop caring for him.”

She says, “He has already been shot.” “This bullsh–t is exactly why I took our business off the streets.”

Monet believes that Lorenzo is telling her that this “is the game” but she insists there are better ways to do it. Monet is disappointed to learn that Lorenzo disagrees with her. He adds, “If we wanted safety we would have bought a carwash.” However, we were after money. These kids deserve a better life.”