Is it time to indulge in a bit of childhood nostalgia?  

On Wednesday, March 9, Lizzie McGuire star Jake Thomas took to TikTok to share a video that saw him recreate his childhood dance moves from one particularly iconic scene in the 2003 film The Lizzie McGuire Movie.  

In the video, Jake—who played Lizzie’s witty and lovingly annoying younger brother Matt McGuire in the Disney Channel series and its movie adaptation—shows a clip of his younger self dancing along to Lizzie’s (played by Hilary DuffThe film ends with a performance by Corey (This Is What Dreams Are Made Of)  

After that, Jake (now 32) shares his skills at shoulder-shimmying as he moves to the slower version of the song, which is accompanied by a piano.   

In cheeky captions, the actor said “still got it.” The full video can be viewed here.