Name a more dino-mite duo. We’ll wait.

Bryce Dallas Howard had nothing but loving words for her Jurassic World Dominion star co-star Laura Dern after the two crossed paths during an interview CelebHomes – Live from the Source At the Hollywood premiere of the film on June 6th. While Bryce was speaking with Naz Perez Roxy Diaz on the red carpet, Laura—who reprises her role of Dr. Ellie Sattler in the Jurassic franchise’s latest installment—snuck up behind her castmate, resulting in one epic exchange.

Bryce exclaimed, “This is an amazing deal for me.”Jurassic Park was a movie that changed all of our lives—and not just the film itself, specifically the performances as actors.”

According to the 41-year old, Laura’s presence was not only a great addition, but it also made this movie complete. This validates everything. It’s very exciting. It’s amazing. It’s awesome.”

Laura was likewise quick to commend her co-star. Calling Bryce her “sister,” Laura gushed, “There was no more incredible moment than standing side by side with this amazing goddess, this powerhouse.”