Lana CondorShe is taping into her dark side.

The first trailer of Netflix’s new streaming service. Boo, BitchLana portrays Erika Vu, high school senior determined to make the best of her time. So she and her best friend Gia (Zoe CollettiThey had been playing safe and enjoyed a night out dancing and partying. Erika is shocked that they have waited this long to live.

Erika is going to be dead before Erika even realizes. 

Together, she and Gia try to find a way to bring her back to life, recruiting the goth kids who inform Erika that ghosts are doomed to walk the earth because they have unfinished business. Erika is now wondering what that means. Erika doesn’t really know.

However, she manages to find a way of buying herself some time. Erika tells Gia that she found a loophole. “I’m more well-known in death than in life, so I will stay if that happens.”