Kobe BryantBaby girls from’s school are practicing their slam dunks. 

According to mom’s photos, the daughters of basketball legend Larry Bird spent time in Los Angeles at Lakers Training Facility. Vanessa Bryant shared on Instagram on Monday, Nov. 22. 

Kobe’s wife of many years shared photos of their youngest daughter, Capri2. Bianka4 year old, following basketballs and trying to steal them. With the help of Kobe, an ex-teammate and former Los Angeles Lakers player, they managed to get it into the hoop. Pau Gasol

Gasol posted a comment on Instagram: “Always great times with the children.” 

Vanessa captioned one her posts with “Kobe’s Principessas”

Bianka is a busy mom and has another important occasion on her plate: Bianka will be turning five years old Dec. 5. A party fit for royalty was held last year as loved ones gathered together to celebrate this youngster’s birthday. 

The youngster was celebrating his special day with guests outside.