It’s like déjà vu.

Will SmithIt is back Bel-AirWith a new twist to his 1990s sitcom Bel-Air: The New Prince.

You are welcome to Bel-AirPeacock’s highly-anticipated drama-series is reimagined and is currently unpacking and moving to the area in 2022. The Newcomer Jabari Banks Will Smith will play the lead role in the series, which has been scheduled for two seasons. The O.G. will narrate the story. Will Smith.  

Contemporary series is based on Morgan Cooper’s Viral 2019 Fan Film Bel-AirPeacock’s classic film was created by. Set in modern-day America, the new show is a serialized one-hour drama that will dive deeper with emotions and discussions on diversity while still delivering the same swagger of the original sitcom.

Smith has a teaser that reads the main theme song of the original show, which told the story about a Philadelphia streetwise boy sent to California by his mother.