Kim KardashianIt makes us feel nostalgic. 

The Staying up with the KardashiansStar took to Instagram Thursday, December 9th to post a throwback shot of herself and her sister Kourtney KardashianFor teenagers.

The caption reads, “1994 Coolness.” Kim and Kourtney are shown with short hair. Kim smiles from ear-to-ear and is wearing a few barrettes. 

Comment section was filled with comments from fans and friends. Sara Foster“Coolest thing ever,” wrote a man named. 

Kim posted the photo after an Instagram user shared other throwback images of the family, “before they become the kardashians”, as one user stated. Naturally, some of the comments weren’t so positive, with one speculating that “Kourtney got plenty of surgery!”

Kourtney wasn’t having it, and quickly clapped back—something the Poosh founder has found herself doing a lot these days. She shared an image of herself taking a swim in the pool last week and was soon asked if she was pregnant. 

Kourtney asked, “Are we really gonna continue this everytime I upload a photograph?”