Camp North is the place to go for unforgettable birthday parties.

Kim KardashianShe recently celebrated her second child North West‘s 9th birthday with a “creepy wilderness” bash—and there were some pretty famous campers in attendance. The birthday girl was not the only one. Kourtney KardashianThe 9-year old daughter of a mother Penelope Disick, Jessica SimpsonThe 10-year-old daughter of a father and mother Maxwell Drew Johnson Tracy RomulusA 10-year-old girl Ryan RomulusThey were also present.

They weren’t roughing it, but they enjoyed many outdoor activities like zip-lining, archery and wakesurfing. After a day of adventure, they returned home to enjoy some more games and get a restful night in their tent-themed beds. 

A recent interview was conducted by The Tonight ShowKim explained how North’s passion for special effects makeup inspired the party.

She wanted to be a teacher for her friends.” The KardashiansStar explained that she took eight children, eight of them girls, to go camping in the wilderness. She wanted the experience to be spooky. These mannequin head were her wish. And she taught everyone—there was a whole class that she taught her friends how to do special effects wounds and scars. This is something that she’s very good at.