These Sephora customers have raved about the product.

Olaplex No. Olaplex No.

A customer raved about the shampoo: “I enjoy good clarifying shampoos, it’s definitely an important for me!” When I found out that olaplex would be releasing one, I was thrilled! It’s 100% the best clarifying shampoo I have ever used! It doesn’t leave your hair feeling drained or straw-like! It feels super clean yet still nourished & hydrated! I noticed a difference in my hair after one usage! I am definitely going to be buying more! “Chefs, kiss!”

A third person said that clarifying shampoo was a blessing for curly haired girls like her who often use lots of product. This shampoo helps me detoxify my hair and remove product buildup. It makes my curls smoother and healthier (less frizz!) “More than ever before!”

One other person said, “I love Olaplex products. Olaplex clarifying maintenance shampoo is my favorite now. This shampoo is great for my oily roots and dry ends. This shampoo is simple and sleek, and does the job well. It’s awesome!!! It makes my hair feel so healthy.

One customer commented, “I love this shampoo. My scalp has been suffering with excessive product buildup and dandruff. I needed a way to get rid. The shampoo does an excellent job of clearing out the buildup. I make sure that my scalp is massaged to maximize its benefits. It’s really great!

A Olaplex user reviews: I have used the No. The No. 3 hair protector and the No. 7 bonding oil have been my favorites for many years. I was so excited to get their clarifying shampoo, and it did not disappoint. My hair is allergic to well-water with sulfur. The shampoo removes buildup and doesn’t strip my hair. This is huge for me. This shampoo is amazing! It smells great too.

Sephora customer said, “I have used all of the Olaplex lines for many years and this addition is amazing for the brand!” Dry shampoo is something I don’t believe in. It can leave a lot of product residue even after you wash your hair. This clarifying shampoo is gentle on my hair and doesn’t strip it. This shampoo is amazing! It is possible to tell the difference by paying more for professional products.