An NSFW confession about a car ride.

Celebrity Game FaceHost Kevin HartIs it putting other comedians Jeff RossAnd Seth GreenIn the hot seat for the CelebHomes July 19 Episode. Hart and his fellow contestants share hilarious details about “Guilty As Charged”. Natasha LeggeroAnd Moshe Kasher and Tawny NewsomeAnd Jimmy O. Yang listen along.

“One member of each team is in the hot seat,” Hart says. “I will accuse them of horrible things. If you have done the thing, you hold up your ‘Guilty’ paddle. If you haven’t done it, you hold up your ‘Not Guilty’ paddle. Once your plea is locked in, I will ask your partner what they think. But, here’s the twist: they’re blindfolded.”

After Green covers his eyes, Ross cracks, “It’s not the first time he’s worn a blindfold in my house by the way.”

For the first round, Hart accuses Ross of “making a FaceTime call while sitting on the toilet”And Green correctly guesses his partner’s plea of guilty.