Warning: There are spoilers! 

This is a family tradition!

Hulu’s third episode of true crime series Episode 3 Candy Two new characters were introduced by Jessica Biel Melanie LynskeyEach of their husbands. Justin Timberlake As a mustachioed deputy, he appears on the show Steven Deffibaugh(while) Jason RitterAnother Collin County officer is featured.

These two men have been assigned the task of investigating the true-life murder. Betty GoreLynskey (Lynskey), was murdered in her Collin County house on June 13, 1980. They talk to neighbors and go through the house looking for clues.

They meet this way Candy Montgomery, Betty’s friend and the last person to see her alive. Betty had an affair with Candy. Allan Gore, but it ended months before Betty’s murder.

Nonetheless, Allan admits to sleeping with Candy, prompting the officers to bring her in for questioning. During the interview, men notice what appear to be defensive wounds: a gash on Candy’s forehead and another scratch on her toe.