They say that pain is the best form of gain.

Judge Greg MathisHis son AmirThis exclusive peek is from the July 31st episode of Mathis Family Matters.

Amir informs his father that Amir got him in the cookie jar. You’re trying lose weight. Let me help. The ab simulator is explained by him.

Amir claims that it fakes performing sit-ups, so the equivalent of 25 000 sit-ups per session. It will eliminate your stomach, and I can assure you that you’ll get a six-pack.

As much as Amir wants to help his dad by introducing him to the simulator, the TV arbitrator thinks otherwise, joking in a confessional, “I feel like I can better myself by reading the Bible and obeying what scripture says.”

Greg may not be enthusiastic about ab simulating, but he agrees to join Amir for treatment. Greg’s laughter is uncontrollable after his stomachs become stuffed. “Ah s–t!” He screams, as Amir laughs at him.