All you cute cats and kittens! It’s now time for you to indulge in some food. Joe versus Carole.

Peacock’s miniseries is based upon the bizarre events on Netflix. Tiger KingFinally, it has come with its Mar. 3 premiere. Starring the true crime miniseries Kate McKinnonAs Carole Baskin John Cameron MitchellAs Joe ExoticWe will discuss the shocking rivalry among the wild cat lovers that resulted in Joe hiring a hitman for Carole’s murder.

This limited series will feature all the characters of the original film. Tiger King world

Joe vs. CaroleShowrunner: “It is an exciting ride.” Etan FrankelThis was the verdict on the limited series of eight episodes. It is a rich and entertaining journey that reveals the stories of individuals who lead very unusual lives. This project was a year ago when I first began it. I discovered Joe Exotic, Carole Baskin, to be fascinating and I quickly found this bizarre tale of two cat lovers to be an interesting story to tell.