Jennifer Garner has a cooking confession: She nearly burned down her kitchen this Christmas.

The Alias actress admitted that she had a flambé mishap while making Ina Garten‘s beef bourguignon during the holiday season. On Wednesday, Dec. 29, Jennifer shared a video of herself pouring Cognac into her stew before lighting it ablaze.

“I feel a little anxious… This recipe will be doubled. “I don’t know how much we will need,” she stated about the half cup of brandy needed. She got her answer moment later when the flames grew out of control for a ​second as they rose up several inches in the air. 

The camera caught her shocked gaze before the flames seemed to fade away. Jennifer laughed, “A thousand pardons. Double the Cognac! It’s amazing. It was amazing.” 

It seems everyone is OK, and she later explained the situation in her caption. “The thing about traditions—all you do to give them meaning is keep them,” she wrote on Instagram. Although I don’t remember the exact date when I made @inagarten beef bourguignon (from Barefoot Paris), for Christmas it was a while ago, but the scent of this wonderful stew always makes me happy, relaxed, and cozy.