Paul RuddHave a friend in Jennifer Aniston 

She was 52 and celebrated her fellow 52-year old actress being named. PeopleIn an Instagram Stories posting on Thursday, November 11,’s 2021 Sexiest Men Alive was revealed. 

Aniston posted a clip of Rudd during the magazine’s photo shoot, writing “This makes me smile.” We’ve known all along that Paul Rudd was the Sexiest Man Alive. “Alive!”

She also shared a throwback of the duo from their 1998 movie The Object of my Affection. Aniston said, “You don’t age. Which is strange.” We still love and cherish you.

It wasn’t their only movie together. Rudd and Aniston also performed in the comedy of 2012. Wanderlust. He also appeared on the show’s final two seasons, as her fans will remember. FriendsHe was Mike Hannigan’s husband. Lisa KudrowPhoebe Buffay, a fictional character of’s.

Rudd also gets a mention from Aniston. Following the announcement, Josh GadTwitter: “If it was necessary for me to lose out to somebody, I would be happy that it is Paul.” While Ryan ReynoldsNoted TodayWhile he is “very excited” over the news, he teased that it would be a waste of time. [Rudd]He is like many other people before him.”