And just like that…Andy CohenThis proves that he is a successful entrepreneur Sarah Jessica Parker’sReverse

The Live: Watch What Happens host joined Drew BarrymoreHe spoke to her on Thursday’s daytime talk show, Nov. 11th and shared his thoughts on his bestie’s remarks about “misogynistic” double standards associated with aging. In echoing the SJP’s comments in Vogue—Andy couldn’t help but wonder—why aren’t they talking about his gray hair.

“We were eating lunch when we saw a paparazzi. She’s sitting next to me, white hair and all the articles were ‘Sarah Jessica Parker she’s going gray, and she looks old,'” he shared. It was insane. She was sitting right next to me and was going gray. People just completely missed the mark and were so misogynistic.

Andy claims that there are Sex and the City Revival—which Sarah reprises her role as Carrie Bradshaw—is going to send a powerful message. He explained that he believes this “new” message will be powerful. Sex and the CityIteration And Just Like That…It will revolutionize everything.”