Similar to Will SmithThis. Bel-Air’s Fresh PrinceHe’s got sweet moves.

Bel-AirStar Jabari Banksis heading to NBC Dancing With Myself CelebHomes News is privileged to have a sneak peak at CelebHomes News’ guest appearance on the 21st of June as the actor teaches the new routine to the latest contestants.

Banks said, “Today’s we got a good one for you”, in the video above. He then introduced the dance to “Wow”. Post Malone. Get your dancing shoes on, and let’s have some fun.

While it doesn’t resemble the memorable Carlton dance, the upbeat routine matches the song’s fun vibe, with moves mirroring the song’s lyrics—such as hands reaching into pockets for “hundred bands in my pocket,” rolling arms and a salute for “when I roll like the army,” and walking with an invisible cane for “your grandmama probably know me.”

Banks said, “That was fantastic, but now, I’m done dancing.” Before telling the contestants that it’s their turn, Banks added, “It is your turn.”