Although the house has seen many changes over the years, it looks much different now than what it looked in the movie. This is the gigantic home that the Baker family moved into when Tom (Martin) accepted a new coaching job. Over the past few years, the interior has been changed to suit Kat’s personal tastes, with many gothic-style furnishings, and the exterior was painted a darker color compared to its white appearance in the comedy film.

The main house contains a grand salon as well as a formal living room, stained glass windows, and a hidden bar with hand carved walls hiding a secret door leading to a blood-red colored pool and spa, which Kat had renovated in 2020, city permits show. The star, who is moving to Indiana, also had solar panels installed that year. 

Kat posted on Instagram last month, “As you might have heard, our beloved Queen Anne Victorian home has been officially placed on the market as we travel to Indiana to purchase another Victorian house that we are currently renovating.” But don’t worry! “But don’t worry!

She said, “Thanks for your support and love!” Casa Von D brings together so many wonderful people. I’m excited to share the documentary soon with you.

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