With two such accomplished CircleIt is a common situation for all household members to have the same forces. This begs the question, would Trevor or DeLeesa ever like to face off against one another?

“I agree. It would be great to compete against one another. Trevor said that he was open to working with us. I believe that we would make the best team. “We’d make a great team.”

Both of them are constantly thinking ahead.

They were able to answer the question of who they would like to face in an All-Stars-style version of the show.

“Obviously [season one winner] Joey [Sasso]. DeLeesa declared, “Obviously the winners.” “I feel that the fan favorite like [season three’s] Kai, [season two’s] Chloe, [season one’s] Sammie, [season two’s] Courtney. Courtney had a great time.”

Trevor says he would like to play against them MattThe best catfish in all of history, season 3. The Circle.

DeLeesa knows the winner regardless of who is in competition.

“An All-Stars CircleShe said it would be insane. I think they should put the winner and runners up on one season, and let them compete against each other. It would be interesting to see which one is best. It’s obvious that it is me.

Her track record is hard to dispute. 

Eight episodes in the initial season four of The Circle are available on Netflix now, with episodes 9-12 premiering May 18 before the finale on May 25.