Riggins was building a home with his brother Billy when we last saw him in series finaleDerek PhillipsThey toasted one another and said, “Texas Forever!” For our calm minds we will assume that Tim and Tyra (Adrianne PalickiThey are happily married and have a wonderful life together, away from any dangers of a new start.

Kitsch will not be there, however. FNLProduce Brian Grazer Recent evidence suggests that there is more drama in high school football.

“We’re currently working on an additional Friday Night Lights“Movie in Del Rio Texas at a border city that took place in 2015.” Grazer stated ColliderWe hope to have that happen in the first year of 2020, and we will do it by November 2021.

Not only that, he said the movie “will lead us into a new series that takes place in a more recent time…like now, today, and we’re excited about it.”