BridgertonStill a huge success.

The first week of Netflix’s second season saw the second season set new records. According to Netflix, the show’s March 25 premiere saw it set records for streaming time, with over 500,000 hours. The Hollywood Reporter.

Globally, 193,000,000 hours were spent watching the show, which was second to only five episodes of Spanish heist drama. Money Heist2020.

No wonder it feels like everyone we know was speaking with a slight English accent this weekend. 

This second season of Netflix’s Top 10 will be quickly added to, with the possibility that it could surpass 400,000,000 hours by April 3. It’s quite a bit. Jonathan BaileyGoogly eyes

Squid GameIt remains the No. 1 streaming service. The streaming service remains the No.1 choice, with 1.56 Billion hours of worldwide viewing…and counting.