Hilary Duff‘s romance with Joel MaddenIt might have been so 20 years ago (or even yesterday, guys!). But the exes were reunited recently to go on a group date.

Duff smiled at her husband in the photo, which was posted online over the weekend. Matthew KomaMadden smiled as he wrapped his arms around his wife and Madden laughed when he held her. Nicole Richie. But they are not the only star-studded ones. Fall Out Boy‘s Pete Wentz and his girlfriend Meagan CamperAs was the record producer, they were also seen in this picture. Josh AbrahamHe and his love of all things Gina Abraham.

Four couples dined in Scratch|Bar & Kitchen in Los Angeles. They seemed to be having a great time, as evident by their photos. Abraham shared a photograph of himself with Koma and Wentz as well as Madden. He joked: “New band alert!” 

We’ll go back almost 20 years ago, to when Duff dated Madden. The actress, and Good CharlotteMembers were together between 2004 and 2006. 

Duff claimed that “it was so all-encompassing” while referring to their love during a 2016 episode. Younger costar Nico Tortorella‘s podcast The Love Bomb. It was very intense. It was the best thing that ever happened to me. It felt like I was living every day.”