Harry Styles & Florence Pugh Get Cozy in BED! Harry Styles & Florence Pugh Get Cozy in BED!

It’s a sign of the times—that Harry Styles and Florence Pugh‘s new movie Don’t Worry Darling is almost here.

A new trailer for highly anticipated psychological thriller debuted on July 21And things in Victory are as sexy as they are sinister. There are two versions of Victory. Olivia Wilde-directed film follows a couple, Jack (Styles) and Alice (Pugh) who live in the aforementioned experimental company town in the 1950s.

Frank, their CEO, proclaimed the 1950s’ societal optimism.[Chris] Pine)—equal parts corporate visionary and motivational life coach—anchors every aspect of daily life in the tight-knit desert utopia,” a synopsis on the film’s website reads. “While the husbands spend every day inside the Victory Project Headquarters, working on the ‘development of progressive materials,’ their wives—including Frank’s elegant partner, Shelley ([Gemma] Chan)—get to spend their time enjoying the beauty, luxury and debauchery of their community. It is a perfect life, where every resident has their needs met. Their only request is for their discretion and their unwavering commitment to Victory.

Although Alice and Jack believe their Victory life is too wonderful to be real, Alice later realizes that it really is. Is. “But when cracks in their idyllic life begin to appear, exposing flashes of something much more sinister lurking beneath the attractive façade, Alice can’t help questioning exactly what they’re doing in Victory, and why,” the synopsis continues. Alice will risk what she believes to be the truth to reveal this paradise.