Blake Lively is an actress, director, business owner and now…potential bartender for Gigi HadidIs it a birthday celebration for? 

Maybe! Perhaps! Gossip Girl actress, 34, appeared to audition for a new role as barkeep on April 21, when she posted a new commercial for her non-alcoholic mixer brand, Betty Buzz, on Instagram. Blake makes a fizzy drink and comment on the bubbliness of it as her bubble machine swirls behind.  

The video was noticed by a particular model, who plans to celebrate her 27th Birthday on April 23. Gigi commented on the Instagram post, saying, “Hi, what is your rate for bartending 3 hours 4 bday weekends?” 

She said, “Nothing is as good as one mixed by B.” 

While Blake has yet to reply to the job offer, it’s very likely that she would attend Gigi’s birthday party even if she wasn’t the hired help. The pair are best friends over many years, and they always celebrate one another.