What is a fabulous outfit? You can have two of these games.

Zaya Wade Gabrielle Union showed off a matching look in an Aug. 8 Instagram Reel that was not to be missed.

Gabrielle is seen wearing a floral matching set with silver jewellery in this clip. This is the clip. Breaking InActress then rests her head against the wall, listening to the noise behind. The matching moment starts. Zaya is seen banging her fist against a wall wearing the same clothing as the camera.

Zaya captioned this moment: “Coming for your #gabunion outfit.”

It’s common to spot Gabrielle or Zaya serving up a glance. You can see the difference by taking a look at their Instagram accounts. The mother-daughter pair and Gabrielle are actually one sister. Tracy Union made another video where they each tried on a couple different jaw-dropping ensembles until they found the perfect ‘fit.

Gabrielle also wrote in July 19, “Are You Really Family if You Don’t Share Outfits?”